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About ChemicaLogic

ChemicaLogic Corporation, established in 1995 by Gordon C. Cheng and Riju Saini, is a management and technology consulting firm for the chemical industry. ChemicaLogic offers expertise in chemical production technologies, product applications, market dynamics, production economics, investment analysis, environmental and safety analysis, risk management, and model and software development. ChemicaLogic assists clients worldwide in variety of assignments, including: acquiring or divesting a business, identifying new product applications, assessing the techno-economic feasibility of a project, estimating market potential, debottlenecking an operation, developing corporate development strategies, resolving specific technical issues or settling legal disputes.

Consultant Profiles

Gordon C. Cheng

Mr. Cheng, President of ChemicaLogic, is an internationally recognized chemical industry management consultant with more than 24 years of experience in resolving chemical process technology issues from the perspective of business management. His experience has been accumulated from the innumerous assignments for clients worldwide that he conducted during his 18 year tenure with Arthur D. Little, Inc.

Riju Saini, Ph.D.

Dr. Saini, Vice President of ChemicaLogic, is an expert in chemical technology assessment and quantification methodologies. Formerly a consultant at Arthur D. Little, Inc. for 4 years, Dr. Saini has experiences in project feasibility studies, technology evaluation and implementation, chemical process design and development, process optimization, consequence analysis, risk analysis, and model and software development.