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SteamTab™ User Interface

SteamTab Menu

As an add-in package to your spreadsheet application, SteamTab quietly becomes a part of your spreadsheet. You only see it when you need to use it. Just to make sure that SteamTab is available,

Start your spreadsheet application (if you have not already started it)

Excel 2003 Users: Click on the Tools menu. You should see a SteamTab pop-up menu somewhere near the bottom of the Tools menu

Excel 2007 or 2010 Users: Click on the Add-ins ribbon and you will see the SteamTab menu.

The SteamTab pop-up menu contains the following menu items:

  • Saturated
    Selecting this menu item brings up the saturated steam properties dialog box which helps you obtain saturated vapor or liquid steam properties, or two-phase steam properties.
  • Superheated/Subcooled
    The menu item displays the dialog box for obtaining supercritical or subcooled steam properties. This dialog box is also used for constant property processes, such as, isenthalpic, isentropic, constant volume, etc. SteamTab uses a highly efficient iterative search algorithm to quickly calculate all constant-process properties.
  • Constant Properties
    Selecting this menu item brings up the constant properties dialog box which you can use to select the required constant steam property.
  • Options
    This menu item allows you to select the units and other configuration options. You can access the options from any of the SteamTab dialog boxes.
  • Help
    Provides you with easy access to online help.
  • About SteamTab
    Gives you information regarding the version of SteamTab installed on your machine.

Based on the input information you provide, the SteamTab Dialogs will actually write the correct function with the right arguments in the output cell you specify. You can then copy and paste this result anywhere in your spreadsheet.

For example, Figure 2 below shows the saturated properties dialog that you can use to obtain the saturated vapor or liquid properties.

Figure 2: Saturated Properties Dialog (Excel Example)

To obtain superheated or subcooled steam properties, you use the Superheated/Subcooled SteamTab Dialog, as shown in Figure 3 below. Using this powerful mechanism, you can obtain superheated or subcooled steam properties at any for the two specified independent variables:

  • Specified: Temperature and Pressure
  • Specified: Temperature and Specific Volume
  • Specified: Temperature and Entropy
  • Specified: Temperature and Enthalpy
  • Specified: Temperature and Internal Energy
  • Specified: Pressure and Specific Volume
  • Specified: Pressure and Entropy
  • Specified: Pressure and Enthalpy
  • Specified: Pressure and Internal Energy

Figure 3: The Superheated/Subcooled Dialog

Above all, you can use the power of the spreadsheet itself to create your own imaginative solutions to steam related problems. SteamTab is fully compatible with all of the spreadsheet features, such as:

  • Copy and paste
  • Goal seek
  • Solver (for minimization calculations)
  • Array or matrix operations