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Software Development Kit


The SteamTab Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to use the core steam and water properties within your own applications. The SteamTab SDK is available as WIN32 dynamic link libraries (DLL) which are compatible with all 32-bit Windows platforms (Windows 7/Vista/NT) and can be linked with C/C++, FORTRAN and Visual Basic. All of the steam and water properties that are available in our standard spreadsheet add-ins are accessible in the SDK.

The SteamTab SDK is ideally suited for developing your own customized applications as well as for real time monitoring and process control applications.


The SteamTab SDK is available for any of the internationally recognized formulations, each of which is packaged as an independent DLL:

  • New Industrial Formulation (IAPWS-IF97)
  • New Scientific Formulation (IAPWS-95)
  • Previous Industrial Formulation (IFC-67)
  • Previous Scientific Formulation (NBS/NRC-84)

The SteamTab SDK includes the following:

  • Single threaded and multi-thread safe release version of the DLLs
  • Debug versions of the above libraries for your own internal development and debugging
  • C/C++ header file and import library compatible with Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 (or later) and Borland C++ 5.2 (or later)
  • Visual Basic include files (Declare Statements) and examples
  • Documentation and examples


In order to use the SteamTab SDK, a license agreement will have to be executed. Please contact us to obtain a copy of this license agreement.

Our licensing agreement is quite flexible. The agreement essentially grants you an unlimited, non-exclusive license to embed the SteamTab DLL(s) into your own applications for personal, internal or commercial use. However, you may not use the SDK to develop a general-purpose steam property package in any form or medium.

Pricing Policy

Our SteamTab SDK pricing is as follows:

  • Any one formulation DLL: US$ 6,250
  • Any two formulation DLLs: US$ 10,000
  • All of the four formulations: US$ 14,000

Note: This is a one-time charge only. Support and maintenance costs may be extra.

The SteamTab SDK includes the release and debug versions of the DLL (both single-threaded and multi-thread safe versions), C/C++ and VB examples of calling into the DLL and documentation.

System Requirements

The SteamTab SDK requires at least a 90 MHz Pentium processor with at least 16 Mbytes of RAM (or 32 MB for Windows NT) and either a 32-bit C/C++ compiler, 32-bit FORTRAN compiler, or Visual Basic compiler.

Need Help?

ChemicaLogic professionals are ideally suited in helping you design, develop and implement your customized solutions. We have extensive experience in several design technologies, all major programming languages (and not so major as well) and operating systems. Please contact us if you need additional information.