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SteamTab Duo™ Product Information


SteamTab Duo sets a new standard in capability and ease of use for steam property generation. SteamTab Duo contains all of the features of SteamTab Version 3.0. In addition, with SteamTab Duo, you can choose from two different formulations to base steam property calculations:

  1. Scientific Formulation (IAPWS-95): This is the formulation approved by the International Association of the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) in 1995 for general and scientific use. This formulation is more thermodynamically rigorous, accurate, and applicable over wider range of conditions.
  2. Industrial Formulation (IAPWS-IF97): This is the IAPWS approved formulation of industrial and special use. The industrial formulation is based on an approximation of the scientific formulation and is generally used in situations where computational speed is of importance.

Using SteamTab Duo in a spreadsheet allows you to examine a large number of design scenarios for optimization and visualize the results in great looking tables and charts.

SteamTab Duo could also be used to generate Mollier charts and steam tables in your own choices of units, graduations, or language.


See the Technical Information page for information on the valid temperature and pressure ranges.

Package Contents

The SteamTab Duo add-in package contains:

  • Spreadsheet add-in files containing the SteamTab Duo Functions and SteamTab Duo user-interface consisting of dialog boxes and the SteamTab Toolbar.
  • Dynamic link libraries for the Scientific (IAPWS-95) formulations and the Industrial (IAPWS-IF97) formulation.
  • Separate worksheet functions for both formulations
  • A 40+ page users' guide
  • On-line context sensitive help
  • Extensive samples illustrating the capabilities of this package
  • Templates for: compressor, expander, relative humidity, dew point, pressure letdown, etc.
  • Free technical support

Unique Features

Some of the unique features of SteamTab Duo are:

  • Easy access to the most comprehensive set of thermodynamic and transport steam properties from the spreadsheet’s Tools menu or the SteamTab toolbar
  • Direct "live" links to variable steam conditions by cell reference
  • Built-in SteamTab Duo™ worksheet functions, user-interface dialog-boxes and toolbars
  • Choice of Metric/SI or English units
  • Direct calculation of steam outlet conditions for isentropic, isenthalpic, constant internal energy or constant volume process
  • SteamTab Duo Functions for saturated vapor-liquid, superheated, subcooled, and constant steam properties
  • Generate your own steam property diagrams using the spreadsheet’s charting capability
  • Save steam property values for export to other applications – limited only by the spreadsheet’s file transfer capability
  • Templates and examples for Expander, Compressor, Pressure reducing, Relative humidity, etc.

System Requirements

You should not encounter any hardware or software problems in using SteamTab on any hardware that has one of the following spreadsheet applications pre-installed:

  • Windows: Microsoft Excel 2016/2013/2010 (32-bit and 64-bit are both supported)/2007/2003 running on Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Mac OSX: Microsoft Excel 2011