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Problem Solvers

ChemicaLogic Corporation, founded by experienced industry consultants previously associated with Arthur D. Little, Inc., is a technical and management consulting firm dedicated to serving the worldwide chemical and allied industries.

We fully integrate technical expertise, business knowledge, management experience and computer skills to provide our clients with a unique resources for problem solving.

We Offer Important Advantages

We are a small firm staffed by professionals with decades of global consulting experiences and highest professional standards. We offer our clients important benefits:

  • Direct communication with our professionals without corporate intermediaries - we are more responsive to your needs
  • A professional service fee you can afford - made possible with a lean overhead structure
  • High productivity - Our multiple skilled staff capable of addressing issues across the technical and business discipline boundaries makes us intrinsically more efficient.
  • Our ability to access global information resources through advanced technologies
  • Our professional networks with other competent consultants

Market Research and Forecast

We research and forecast the supply and demand dynamics of chemicals for specific market segments, countries, regions or globally. Our proprietary forecasting modeling tools and information resources compliments our extensive knowledge base.

Technology Evaluation

Our rigorous technical background qualifies us to:

  • Examine the merits and risks of innovative technologies at research and development stages
  • Assess the application value or business potentials of new technologies
  • Evaluate and source existing technologies for implementation
  • Debottleneck operations for productivity enhancement or to increase capacity
  • Production trouble-shooting - solving performance, quality or emissions related problems

Competitiveness Analysis

We analyze the competitiveness of chemical manufacture for a variety of client purposes:

  • Evaluating the commercialization potentials of a new product
  • Focusing the development of a new process
  • Addressing the profitability of a new venture
  • Improving the productivity of an existing operation

Business Planning and Evaluation

We help clients plan for their new ventures - assessing core competence, evaluating market attractiveness, formulating corporate vision and business strategies, evaluating business worth and planning for fund-raising or acquisition.
We also help clients in the business to identify new opportunities - new markets or applications for their existing products, or new products or services for existing markets.

In all situations, we utilize our consulting tools, experience, professional objectivity, and global perspective to help clients make decisions critical to their businesses.

Environmental Consulting

Environmental issues are an integral element of business management. We apply our technical background, regulatory knowledge and business perspective in helping clients:

  • Define environmental issues
  • Assess source reduction opportunities
  • Optimize production process for waste minimization
  • Identify and select treatment technologies
  • Assess business impacts
  • Conduct internal awareness training

Technology Expertise

Our consultants are leading experts in the following fields:

Product and Process Technologies:
  • Brine Chemicals
  • Carbon Black
  • Caustic soda and Chlorine
  • Fertilizers
  • Hydrogen
  • Naphtha cracking
  • PVC
  • Polyolefin
  • Polysilicon
  • Soda ash
  • Sulfuric acid
Reformer Technologies:
  • Catalytic Steam Reforming
  • Partial Oxidation
  • Autothermal Reforming
Separation Technologies:
  • Absorption
  • Adsorption
  • Chemical Precipitation
  • Distillation
  • Evaporation
  • Ion Exchange Membranes
Fuel Cell Systems:
  • Solid Polymer Electrolyte
  • Phosphoric Acid Electrolyte
  • Solid Electrolyte Fuel Cell
Reaction Kinetics and Reactor Design
Heat Exchanger Design and Rating
Cryogenic Systems