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Mollier Charts

Mollier Charts (Pressure-Enthalpy with constant Temperature, Density and Entropy Lines)

Mollier diagram is a graphical representation of the thermodynamic properties and states of materials involving "Enthalpy" on one of the coordinates. Mollier diagrams are named after Richard Mollier.

Richard Mollier (1863-1935) was a professor at Dresden University who pioneered the graphical display of the relationship of temperature, pressure, enthalpy, entropy and volume of steam and moist air that has since aided the teaching of thermodynamics to many generations of engineers. His enthalpy-entropy diagram for steam was first published in 1904. He continued his work to update his thermodynamic diagrams and steam tables to account for new technical developments.

Professor Mollier was active in the area of the gasification and combustion processes as related to steam engines, combustion engines and refrigeration plants.

At the 1923 Thermodynamics Conference held in Los Angles, Professor Mollier was bestowed with the great honor of naming all thermodynamic diagrams having enthalpy as one of its coordinates as a "Mollier Diagram".

Mollier diagrams are routinely used in the design work associated with power plants (fossil or nuclear), compressors, steam turbines, refrigeration systems, air conditioning equipment to visualize the working cycles of thermodynamic systems.

ChemicaLogic is pleased to offer attractive, high definition Mollier Diagrams (Pressure-Enthalpy diagram) for several popular fluids (Note: The samples shown below are in low resolution. Actual charts are produced in high resolution 2400 dpi color printer):

Specifications for these charts are given below.

Properties Shown: Pressure (Y-axis log-scale), Enthalpy (X-axis), constant temperature, density and entropy lines.

Units: Standard: SI. Other: on special order.

Color: Each property is represented in a different color.

Chart Finish: Thin-film laminated.

Chart Sizes and Prices:

Sizes: ISO (US)A2 (C)A1 (D)
Size:420 x 594 mm
16.5 x 23.4 in
594 x 841 mm
23.4 x 33.1 in
Price US$/copy$150.00$250.00
Shipping & Handling Fee, US$/Order$40.00$50.00

Payment: Credit card only.

To place your order, please call us at 978-505-9142 or 978-505-1218
or email us at