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MoistAirTab™ Example 4 - Cooling

Example 4

Moist air at 30°C dry-bulb temperature and 50% relative humidity enters a cooling coil at 5 m3/s and is processed to a final saturation condition at 10°C. Find the kW of refrigeration required.


The solution is presented below as a table generated from Excel. The gray shaded areas represent the input data.

Total pressurebar1.013251.01325
Dry bulb temperature°C3010.00
Relative humidity%50%100%
Volume flow ratem3/s5.00
Wet bulb temperature°C22.0010.00
Humidity ratiokgw/kgdry air0.01340.0077
Volume of moist airm3/kgdry air0.87700.8116
Mass flowrate (dry air)kgdry air/s5.705.70
Enthalpy of moist airkJ/kgdry air64.3529.35
Enthalpy flow 366.89167.34
Amount of condensate removedkgw/kgdry air 0.0057
Condensate flowratekgw/s 0.0325
Condensate specific enthalpykJ/kgw 42.01
Condensate enthalpy flowkJ/s 1.37
Referigeration requiredkW 198.18