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MoistAirTab™ Example 1 - Moisture Content

Example 1

Moist air exists at a dry-bulb temperatuer of 40°C and a wet-bulb temperature of 20°C at standard atmospheric pressure.

  1. What are different ways to express the moisture content
  2. What are the other thermodynamic properties


The solution is presented below as a table generated from Excel. The gray shaded areas represent the input data.

Input ConditionsUnits
Dry bulb temperature°C40
Wet bulb temperature°C20
Total pressurebar1.01325
1. Expressions of Moisture Content:
Relative humidity%14.01%
Humidity ratiokgw/kgdry air0.006448
Dew point temperature°C7.4829
Water mole fraction0.0103
Water weight fraction0.0064
Parital pressure of waterbar0.0104
2. Thermodynamic Properties of Moist Air
EnthalpykJ/kgdry air56.856
EntropykJ/(kgdry air.K)0.200
Volumem3/kgdry air0.896