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MoistAirTab™ Demo Download

We have a fully functional MoistAirTab Demo package available for you to evaluate.


This demo version of MoistAirTab is limited in pressure. The demo package will only work at a pressure of 5 bar (72.519 psi) and you do not have the option of changing the pressure.

If you specify a pressure value that is outside the demo range, MoistAirTab will return the #DEMO! error.

Download Software

Download Windows MoistAirTab V2.0 Demo for Excel (zip file)

Download Mac OSX MoistAirTab V2.0 Demo for Excel (zip file)

Download Documentation

DownloadWindows MoistAirTab User's Guide(PDF file)

DownloadMac OSX MoistAirTab User's Guide(PDF file)

Download Windows/Mac OSX MoistAirTab Function Quick Reference Card(PDF file)