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CO2Tab™ Academic Pricing Policy

User Licenses

CO2Tab™ V2 Academic is licensed on a per user bases. Depending on the number of copies, the price per user is shown below.

New Licenses
Number of Users1 to 45 to 1011 to 20
Cost per User$300$240$210
Number of Users1 to 45 to 1011 to 20
Cost per User$180$144$126

Network Licenses

We are no longer offering network licenses. If you previously purchased a network license, then please count the number of users and apply the volume discounts shown in the table above.

Site Licenses

Unlimited Distribution ($7,500/site)

The fee for a CO2Tab™ V2 site license is $7,500. A CO2Tab™ V2 site license permits a licensee organization to make an unlimited number of copies of CO2Tab™ V2 at any single physical site.

Additional Site Licenses or Upgrades ($4,500)

Site licenses for additional sites or upgrades are available at $4,500.00 per site.